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Figure releases new music, "Destiny Awaits," alongside a Q&A [Video Premiere]

The science fiction fanatic and bass world disrupter is back with a second single from his upcoming album. Famously known as Figure and formally known as Josh, the dubstep producer has returned again with another stunning song to the sheer delight of his fans.

The bass boosted treats typical of Figure's Monsters series takes a back seat for this upcoming project. After having premiered the 5th volume of the Monsters Halloween special, it is exciting to see Figure take his style through new avenues once again. There is a massive concept coming from the creative mind of Figure and EARMILK is very eager to get on board.  

I spoke with Figure roughly a year ago in person to ask some critical questions about his new music, the future of music distribution, and more in an interview. It seemed appropriate to check up with the producer once again and find out more about his upcoming album, new music video, and favourite flick. 


EARMILK: Right now you have plans for a full album to be released throughout the year, "Destiny Awaits" is the second song out so far. What else is coming up that your audience can keep an eye out for?  
Figure: People can expect sounds like these and really anything but Monsters. This album is me showcasing the other side of me people don't see much, making music for the sake of it. Some stuff is chilled out, some is hiphop inspired, and even some glitch up stuff. It's me making tunes, not themed as they would normally expect. 
EM: Will you be releasing any remixes with the upcoming tracks from your album or will it be all originals?  
Figure: I will have a remix pack for the album, yes. The album will be released with only the original tracks first.. then followed by the remixes. 
EM: Who did you get to produce the collage video of space fights? Is it the same artist that you used for the TerrorVision tour? 
Figure: That's me actually. Its' just tons of clips tossed together, it helps visualize the sound. I did 80% of all the TerrorVision visuals, I had someone hired at first.. but during that time I was teaching myself how to edit video and what not.
Figure: I ended up keeping a total of about 20% overall of what I had him make and the rest of the tour visuals I used all of my own edits.  The Destiny Awaits video is just a compilation of clips that, a good example of what the more Sci Fi side of the sets would look like. 
EM: Can your fan base expect to hear "Destiny Awaits" and newer tracks in your live shows at the moment?
Figure: Of course, the set is 80% all my stuff, and half of that is the new album.
EM: Who was the artist for your latest Soundcloud profile image? 
Figure: That is Pat Jensen, he does art for Sage Francis and a lot of hiphop guys I really like. My friend CasOne linked me up with him. I wanted a Rat Fink looking image, he pulled it off way beyond my expectations.     Check him out on Instagram, he rocks!
EM: Favourite Sci-fi film in the past ten years? 
Figure: The Thing remake and Prometheus.
EM: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! It's very cool to hear from you again. There is a downloadable option of the song "Destiny Awaits" below and a visual laser show in space to watch if you're still keen for music videos. 



Figure Destiny Awaits


"Destiny Awaits"

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  • 16 Feb, 2015



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