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Crisis Mode remixes Dreamer's "Wolves" [Premiere]

I first heard Dreamer's track "Wolves" before the release of their EP This Album Does Not Exist this past November. The minute that I listened I just got it, that world of deceit that wolves in love can drag you into. Those mixed messages that spin you around -while lying down with that person- until you don't know which end is up. In addition, the band seems to be making good on their plan to achieve more widespread success since their move from Seattle and have been on SiriusXM's Alt 18 chart for 8 consecutive weeks and were recently featured artists on a Spotify playlist. 


This remix by Crisis Mode does the original justice, retaining the riff driven sound, slight twangs and a dose of ooo and ahh into darker, more electronically based terms. John Ross -formerly of Challenger– took the project on and gave it his all, creating a remix that is dream-filled and possesses a touch of Depeche Mode and M83. It put me into a place somewhere in between dreams and wakefulness, with all of the questions that I had when I listened to the original. Does he love me or does he not? Either way, I'm already pulled in. 


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