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No matter the distance, travel "Home" with Tep No's new remix [Download]

Tep No’s remix of Hollow Coves’s "Home" is one of the most beautifully arranged songs I’ve heard in a long time; to the point it took me back, I had to pause the song and start over, this time giving it the attention that was due. The song is the epitome of home sickness without being overly emotional or dark. It doesn’t create misery for current circumstances but rather paints that estranged feeling of knowing that home exists elsewhere; it exists back where your context as a person is.

The song makes you feel the disconnection from home while strangely remaining upbeat. It acknowledges the value of the people you grew up with and the friends you’ve always known and the landscapes that remain etched in memory. Toronto’s Tep No doesn’t overcrowd or over-complicate the original track, which itself is really beautiful; he extenuates the beauty of it and gives it new layers.  Tep No has made the track available for Free Download.

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