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LSBV mesmerize with "Smoke N Mirrors"

London duo Little Shoes Big Voice, more affectionately known as LSBV, brings a breath of fresh air with their style of lyrically-driven electronic pop. Spearheaded by the voice of Emily Harvey, their sound takes on a direction that has me thinking a bit of Fleetwood Mac. Perhaps it’s simply Harvey’s vocal approach, but Lecaudé has a delicate, organic element in his production that allows for the music to read like folk song.

Their latest track “Smoke N Mirrors” has a nice dark and mysterious thread running through its poppy tendencies. The folk element is particularly evident with this track, but it still has a groovy drive to it. This is the first new track from LSBV since singles “Blues Veins” and “Heaven Ain’t High,” so it will be exciting to see what else they have to bring to the table this year.




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