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Metro Thuggin are still a thing and they bless us with two new tracks: "Warrior" and "Speed Racer"

Hip Hop learned about the promising Metro Thuggin project around this time last year, naturally it led to mass pandemonium and Oprah's Favorites crowd level freak outs. While Metro Boomin and Young Thug had already collaborated a number of times prior to the EP's announcement, the two young Atliens working exclusively together on one tape was exactly what the doctor and speakers ordered. Then " The Blanguage" happened and everyone knew this was a match made in strip club heaven. However, just as fast as it appeared, the promise began to fade into obscurity and "is this actually going to happen" limbo. 

Thankfully, we are here to tell you that Metro Thuggin is still in the works and we are inching closer to the release date. Thug and Boomin return with not just one track, but two and each are bangers. Rapper and Producer know how to make a great song that will get fans out of their seats or onto the dance floor; their willingness to experiment with their sound and grow as musician is what keeps listeners' ears attentive though. This is perfectly exemplified in "Warrior."

"Warrior" sounds different from what Thug and Boomin typically create. Metro Boomin creates a unique beat that sounds like a mix between ethereal nu-wave sounds and the trap we are use to hearing from him. Thugga decides to run through a laundry list of flows to compensate for the unusual production, which works perfectly for his eccentric rapping style. However, "Warrior" becomes otherworldly towards the end of the track, when Boomin strips a lot of the panache from the beat and adds a natural sounding snare lick to the percussion. Thugs looped vocals, screeching in harmony, is oddly mystifying and almost beautiful. The ending loses all of the thumping quality, but quickly becomes the most interesting part.

"Speed Racer" is more attune to the Thug and Boomin of yesteryear, which is not a bad thing at all. On this cut, Boomin's key and percussion interplay are on Bellevue-insane level crazy. Thugga's vocals fit the backing music like a snug glove and the hook—"I'm balling in the air"— is too infectious, good luck getting it out of your head. "Speed Racer" will be everywhere pretty soon, so get ready.

Metro Thuggin still doesn't have an official release date, but these two tracks should definitely hold you over until the full project drops. Young Thug and Metro Boomin are standing atop of their respective crafts. When the two come together magic happens, and you definitely don't want to miss out. 

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Thugger Thugger
Thugger Thugger
6 years ago

Both great songs

6 years ago

you goofs don't even know warrior came out the same time as language