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Klingande remixes Wyclef's "Divine Sorrow" featuring Avicii

Chances are that by now, you've heard Wyclef Jean's latest single. It features production from the Swedish producer who led the dance music mainstream takeover, Avicii, with his classic melodic attention in both synths and live instruments to support Wyclef's raspy musings of nostalgia. The track has been remixed by many since its release in November of 2014: officially by Goldfish and Nightrider, who both took the track in a chilled out electronica direction and of course those unofficial bootlegs that we've seen floating in the viral sphere. Today, next generation French production star Klingande has remixed the track that's due out soon via PRMD. Gaining fame last year with his pop music meets deep house style and his inclusion of live instruments in his music and performances, Klingande's career inspiration by Swedish artists is now comes full circle with his remix of "Divine Sorrow." As he's been recently inspired by tropical house, Klingande accents his remix with Jamaican drum-inspired synths and summery progressions. Check out the track below.


Download the original "Divine Sorrow"


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Ocelot Rampage
6 years ago

“: Klingande remixes Wyclef's "Divine Sorrow" featuring Avicii - http://t.co/KcqvqouxeY @klingandemusic @prmdmusic” yeahhhhhhhhhh