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Ryan Hemsworth shares mysterious new "Too Long Here" video

Ryan Hemsworth's latest album, Alone for the First Time, is frustratingly brief at around 25 minutes, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.  This must make choosing singles a difficult process; "Snow in Newark" was an obvious choice for lead single, but really any of the other six tracks could have followed it.  In the end, Hemsworth gave the nod to "Too Long Here," featuring Alex G, and today he blessed the track with a brand new video, directed by Alex Girav (hmmm, is this the same Alex G doing vocals on the track?).

In the video, a woman plays with her cell phone as she wanders the city alone, taking selfies and texting before her day takes a turn toward Kafkaesque surrealism when she sees her doppelgänger.  It's visually stunning, and perfectly represents Hemsworth's recent themes of loneliness and alienation in a technology-fueled world.

Alone for the First Time has just been given a deluxe, expanded Japanese edition, which you can grab here.



Ryan Hemsworth

"Too Long Here" (feat. Alex G) [Video]

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