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Mass and Black Zheep DZ keep it authentic in new video "All That I Know"

On Mass' Soundcloud you will find only one song in three variations, so to say that he is underground would be an understatement. Well, common wisdom would tell you that it is better to have a good single track than a mixtape worth of duds, and the Virginian definitely followed that rule. "All That I Know" simply bumps; it doesn't try to be too much or too complicated: it has a catchy hook, clever verses, and speaker destroying production. If a listener isn't jumping around, nearly elbowing those in close proximity, then there might be a problem with their ears. 

Mass made "All That I Know" to be an anthem for those making moves and hustling out of the gutter with the homies, which the accompanying visuals definitely play on heavily. VERYRVRE, the director, immediately transports viewers into Mass' world and crew, with opening shots of a gang of school-age children and then a group of dudes on the block. For the next three minutes and half, Mass and Black Zheep DZ hop around with both crowds—playing with firecrackers (shout out to the dude who almost sets the squad on fire @1:23) and smoke bombs.

Even though "All That I Know" is a party/go wild track, Mass and Black Zheep still provide strong verses. Zheep's "Keep Condom's like guns for the Navy" line definitely caused a few chuckles and a rewind. Mass definitely did his thing on this track and in the video, which makes us interested to see where he goes in the future. Keep an eye out. 

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