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MY BODY releases new EP '6 Wives' [Premiere]

Duo MY BODY have just released their new EP 6 Wives and it's everything that good indie electro pop music is about, both salty and sweet with some classical training behind it. It's all in Jordan Bagnall's vocals, which still have that ring to them just in a different genre. The production on this one is stellar and uses the equipment of today to write songs that have the aesthetics of past popular genres. Along with bandmate Darren Bridenbeck, MY BODY is hitting directly on that sound that we're hearing so much from Brooklyn based groups now, high and breathy vocals, a good dose of electronically based production and spacey yet real songwriting elements that make it infinitely catchy.

Each release leading up to 6 Wives has received critical acclaim from various sites and we're excited to premiere the full stream on EARMILK exclusively today. An interesting element to MY BODY? Their name corresponds to the themes of sexuality and intimate relationships -whether good or bad- that Bagnall often sings about, out in full force on 6 Wives

Opening track "All I Can" has a rolling drum effect and lyrics that waver between "I used to think I could do this shit alone," and "I've been a baby since I was born." The resounding clicks, distorted synths and her high, breathy vocals send the musical blend of self-reflection and self-deprecating humor home.

Second song "Make It Good," is a bit softer and for good reason because it has a slow, seductive edge with some 80's style synths blended in. Bagnall sings "You can make it good, make it, make it good," but it falls short -in a good way- of driving the obvious sexual implications someone might derive from it. 

"BKNY" is even slower, with soaring synths and an airy, melancholy edge to it. She sings it herself with "Everything I want, floated down on me," as she laments a man who had her on the ground, that she never wanted to know. It gave me feelings of lying in my bed and staring at at the ceiling to ruminate on past hurts. 

Fourth track "Clementine" is as sweet and tangy as it's namesake, vocal reverbs, poppy glitch elements and a cloyingly message of "Baby, I could be your heart." This one corresponds to the idea of the body and the funky beat underneath carries it through.

"Boys" is by far the most upbeat track on the EP with some almost dark pop elements, soft vocals and that classically trained ring to it. The pattering drum beats and bell-like samples circle around the entire composition to round it out nicely.

Finishing track "Explode" does just that and has a good dose of feminine rage mixed with sexual confusion. It's definitely more aggressive than the rest of the EP, if not in the music but in the vocal and lyrical undertones, lower and smokier than the other tracks on 6 Wives





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