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Doldrums thrashes hard in video for "HOTFOOT"

I'm going to go ahead and step way outside of my usual boundaries here. I'm commonly known to write about hip-hop or dance, and sometimes the more experimental side of new music. However, today I dip into the waters of experimental thrash music with Doldrum.

Although he goes by the above moniker, Airick Woodhead is a Canadian artist whose music has been described as "underpinned by 1970s German experimentalism." His new track "HOTFOOT" was dropped alongside a visual with literally zero hint into what it actually means, but the distorted static fits flawlessly with his almost engine like music. Like a one man band, Doldrum records live instruments in big rooms for the ambient factor, forcing his music into a recorded onslaught of echoing destruction. With this release he follows his 2013 debut album, labelling "HOTFOOT" as the lead single from his sophomore LP for iconic label Sub Pop.

Take a listen to "HOTFOOT" below, and step out of your comfort zone every once in a while.




  • Sub Pop
  • January 16


Alternative · Metal · Music Videos · Rock


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