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EZA's "High & Low" gets elevated with this RUSS Remix [Premiere]

One of my favorite fun facts about Nashville Electro-pop artist EZA is that she experiences synesthesia – a neurological phenomenon that causes her to visualize different colors, waves and patterns when listening to music. If there was anyone to take us on a trip through the psychedelic, she’s the girl for the job. So buckle up. 

Already familiar with her track “Headlights,” I knew that this beautiful mind was capable of painting a vibrant picture via sounds, and with the help of fellow Nashville musician/engineer/producer, Aaron Krause – this experiential imagery is only magnified and intensified. 

The track starts out with blooming synth, a solid beat and the repetition of the word “low.” At only 25 seconds in, we’re pleasantly surprised by the early arrival of the hook. Sometimes it gets fatiguing to wait for the drop, you know? The whole track is filled with high-impact energy, a steady vocal, and a consistent beat. There’s no obvious wavering from this pattern until 2:25 in, when the higher octave, more frantic lyrics “cause you wanted love” bridge carries us to the end.

For a song called “High and Low” there aren’t too many loop-de-loops; it’s a safe and concrete product, a classic recipe for putting an artist on the map and among the upper echelon of club pop wunderkinds like Charli XCX and Betty Who. Her debut EP Means Of Escape is out now, and you can get to know her by visiting the socials below.

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6 years ago

Thanks ! Props to @heyitsmeruss for killing it