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Vaults unlock the gold in remix of Odessa's "I Will Be There" [Premiere]

Taking the stage in an elegant, satin gold gown for her stirring "I Will Be There" video, it's hard to imagine Odessa anywhere but on an ornate set, backed by a four-piece band. However, the singer songwriter didn't start here, as her roots point back to the smaller Northern California city of Santa Rosa before her time as part of the Alaskan bluegrass band Bearfoot. "I Will Be There" changed all that, the standout track from her self-titled EP that dropped back in September of last year. Made up of minimal instrumentals layered with Odessa's vocals, the song tugged directly on listeners' heartstrings and garnered attention from outlets big and small.

Building on the already acclaimed track, Vaults, who also dropped their dreamy, though crisp, Vultures EP in 2014, revisit the simple ballad. Repeating chords and soft drum work weave in between Odessa's breathy voice, now supported by an ever-present ambient background that pulses with every turn of the remix. It's "I Will Be There" at heart, but "there" is a new place only Vaults know how to find.






"I Will Be There" (Vaults Remix)

  • Repubic Records
  • 2015-01-15


Electronic · Electronica · Exclusive · Indie


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