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Ganzfeld Effect returns with "Love Hope Doubt" [Premiere]

Last month, we introduced you to Ganzfeld Effect: a Manchester-based artist whose wide range of musical influences have helped gain some viral notoriety. If you're wondering, the science behind this artist's namesake involves the inevitable hallucinations that come with visual deprivation: think keeping your eyes open in a pitch black room, trippy, right? Well Ganzfeld Effect's latest track "Love Hope Doubt," is surely one where closing your eyes can help you connect with the track's upbeat piano progressions. Out Friday January 16th via Ultra Records, "Love Hope Doubt" has a retro R&B-influenced nu disco side but also an energy that breathes through a contemporary take on house. Check out the track below.



Ganzfeld Effect

Love Hope Doubt

  • Ultra Music
  • 1/14/15


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