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Purity Ring set to "Begin Again" with new album 'Another Eternity'

After their quick rise to fame with debut album Shrines, Canadian duo Purity Ring has announced its sophomore LP, Another Eternity, out March 3 through 4AD.  Having recently released first single "Push Pull" with little other info, this week they revealed "Begin Again" with lyrics and full album info via their Tumblr.

Both tracks suggest slight changes to the Purity Ring sound, with all their strengths still firmly in place.  "Begin Again" is the more satisfying of the two, Corin Roddick's production is much more complex and attention-grabbing, while vocalist Megan James' vocals don't go so far off the sentimental deep end like they did on "Push Pull."  When that track surfaced, I noticed some very worried fans questioning whether the duo would deliver a second album as striking and memorable as Shrines.  "Begin Again" should dispel all of those fears, its epic synth hook welcoming the indie pop royalty back to the throne.



Purity Ring

"Begin Again"

  • 4AD
  • 'Another Eternity' out 3/3


Indie · Pop · Synth Pop


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