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Pearl and the Beard gives us grrl power on "You"

In this EDM centric music world, I always love when I can travel to a land of old-fashioned grrl power all done up in black-rimmed glasses just by popping in my headphones. Brooklyn based trio Pearl and the Beard are one of those bands that I've heard recently who take me to that place, to that kitchy indie rock venue where the audience sings along to every "Whoo Ooo Ooo." Comprised of Jocelyn Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price and Jeremy Styles -namely "the beard"- have created quite a name for themselves in this particular scene and beyond, having shared the stage with original indie superstar Ani DiFranco and well-known Brooklyn scene band Lucius

One of my favorite parts of new track "You" is the sheer vocal power behind it with their echoing cries of "CAN YOU HEAR ME?" I add the all caps and italics because there is that much emphasis. But the group also uses a plethora of instruments, cello, guitar, keys, drums and in their own words "All the singing," to hit home with their songs. Pearl and the Beard are a band that grasps what many do not, that the voice is actually an instrument. Currently on tour with hip sensation Wild Child, they're set to have many more of these feel good about sad times tunes released in 2015. 

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Pearl and the Beard
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