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Wrong Assessment & Max-M's techno synthesis glide on joint 'Toe Tag' EP

Built around the notion to push innovative music directed from a leftfield and techno -oriented angle, Parachute Records remains true to intent with the second issue, Toe Tag. The imprint is coming off a successful debut release that consisted of a tasteful remix package from Clockwork's B.O.A.T.S. album. Next up are Wrong Assessment and M_Rec head, Max_M, who deliver a three-tracker made up of one collaborative track and two solo tracks. 


The EP kicks off with the title track, and it's here where Wrong Assessment and Max_M comprise a mutual effort for the masses. "Toe Tag" is deep with gaseous atmospheres that stream through the life of the track over compelling hats and clap patterns that unfold slowly and richly. Then, there is Max_M's submerged track, "Nose Out". Powerful kicks drive this track as flickering noises maturate progressively. Nothing feels rushed; an attribute that will undoubtedly hold still a dance floor in transfixion. 




Wrong Assessment & Max_M

Toe Tag

  • Parachute
  • 12-Jan-2015




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