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Remy Banks drops off a quick dub sac of 'Indica/Sativa' [EP]

The World's Fair have seen a significant amount of growth over the last year, with their debut album, Bastards of the Party, leading to a co-headlining tour with Atlanta's own Two-9 and international shows. However, they have released a surprisingly few new tracks and seem to be in the regrouping stage of things. Remy Banks, a full body durag owner and oftentimes the highest member of the group, has crept out of the studio and finally given  fans a much needed preview of what he has been cooking over the past few months, in the form of Indica/Sativa EP. 

Banks only packaged two tracks in Indica/Sativa, but both are highly impressive and worth of your time. The first is entitled "G-Unit Freestyle," and features production from the World's Fair frequent collaborator Black Noi$e. As usual, the talented producer provides a smooth jazz beat that will force your head to bump uncontrollably. Remy Banks handles the beat with care, as he reminisces about the heyday of Queens and the borough's illustrious hip hop past. He manages to maneuver some reflection about his own career during the process, connected himself to his hometown in an intricate way. 

Indica/Sativa's second track is the total opposite of the first, but still manages to leave your head in a nodding fit. "One Twenty Five" features Ratking member Wiki, who is known for his incredible fast paced wordplay. Remy and Wiki big each other up as they face the prospect of being broke and those who want to take their gains away. The way both emcees play off of each other is creative and demonstrates their actual budding friendship that will hopefully lead to more collaborations. 

Remy Banks promises that the Higher project is on its way, but for the time being we have to make do with Indica/Sativa. Thankfully, he provided listeners with two strong tracks that can instantly be inserted into the daily rotation. Check them out above and then head to World's Fair's soundcloud to listen to all of the group's older songs, you won't be disappointed. 

Hip-Hop · Mixtape · Rap


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World's Fair
6 years ago

great write up thank you!!!

Nasty Nigel
6 years ago

wake n bake

Remy Banks
6 years ago

that write up was tight! thanks y'all!

Remy Banks
6 years ago

that write up was tight! thanks y'all!