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Waterstrider's new track "White Light" transfixes with pop sensibilities

Waterstrider, having seen recent past success with the release of free single "Redwood" and a cover of Little Dragon's "Twice" now arrive at a little number by the name of "White Light". 

Known as the first official single to be released from their debut album entitled Nowhere Now (due out later in 2015), "White Light" is a huge source of excitement for any and all listeners who get their hands on it.

Now sitting at #1 on the Hype Machine, Waterstrider's new single exemplifies what the band does so well: creating a "sense of environment" that is "woven through with pop sensibilities". Frontman and producer Nate Salman (also known for his vocal work with Les Sins) is responsible for this, partly for his production work as well as his transfixing, soaring falsetto.

From there, the lyrical content proves just as important to this so-called "world" Waterstrider has created in just five minutes time. Salman thoughtfully begins with "Lauded for your bright white light / Pulled it from inside; wide-eyed / You'll find all the answers", encouraging a sense of openminded-ness amongst listeners. In turn, one is able to find their own answers amongst both internal and external sources of light as so described. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/184458117"]

Alternative · Chillwave · Indie · Lo-Fi · New Wave · Pop


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