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Lemaitre gets the Prince Fox treatment on "All I Need" [Premiere]

Back in the middle of last year, Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Lund (better known by their stage name, Lemaitre) dropped the 4-track Singularity EP, a collection of works that furthered their artistic vision by blurring the lines between electronic and instrumental performance. "All I Need" closes the EP, a collaboration between the Norwegian duo and the American wordsmith Chuck Inglish that combines Lemaitre's bright and snappy production with Inglish's impeccable flow. To celebrate the EP's success, Astralwerks will be releasing Singularity Remixed on January 20th with reimaginings from some of the biggest up-and-coming artists in the game: Oliver Nelson & Tobtok, Lindsay Lowend, Nebbra, and more. 

Prince Fox joins this star-studded roster, a recognized name in the industry who has crafted unforgettable reworks of Florence and the Machine, Cazzette, and Route 94. Such success comes from the New York producer's signature choppy style, keeping the journey unexpected through trap-driven syncopation and hyper-melodic synths. Today he spins "All I Need" anew, creating a crisp, but dreamy soundscape where Lemaitre and Inglish's vocals play out across bold fanfares and sharp drum work. Let this continuation of Prince Fox's stellar talent be an introduction to the forthcoming Singularity Remixed release, dropping in two weeks.


Singularity (Remixed)


"All I Need" (Ft. Chuck Inglish) (Prince Fox Remix)

  • Astralwerks
  • 2014-01-08


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