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SMLE wants to "Buy U A Drink", we say go for it

SMLE, the same duo that did the upbeat re-pitched Owl City remix that the few people who don't entirely despise Owl City enjoyed, is back with another remix of the auto-tuned legend, T-Pain. Their iconic whirling 8-bit LFO sound reminds us of some current "future bass" music, most notably Lindsay Lowend, Geotheory, and ABSRDST.

The remix fits nicely on a bright Sunday morning when you want to be seduced by contemporary R&B but aren't ready for passionate evening sex yet. SMLE provides the sweet release of bright tweaks, bed creaks, and everything in between. Progressive and upbeat with its noticeably prevalent side-chaining, "Buy U A Drink" makes a valiant effort to bring T-Pain further into the present state of "future" music.


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