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Divided Souls Ent. & DJ Pain 1 remix Sean Price's "Land of the Crooks"

 Ask any Brooklynite out there on the state of hip hop and, alongside the occasional "Bed-Stuy, Do-or-Die" chant, they'll tell you that their borough is still holding it down. Although the area has seen massive changes through its gentrification and abandonment for the sounds of other hot spots, Sean Price, Billy Danze, and Maffew Ragazino would rather die than treat their home like that. "Land of the Crooks" responds to the shade from the haters with a massive right hook as the rhymers list the reasons why BK is still on top.  

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/177559345"]

The aptly titled joint features three emcees all with different backgrounds but one essential fact: each of these acts will do whatever it takes to preserve the home they grew up in. Price's godly flow paired with Danze's lethal delivery and Ragazino's dedication to the borough through his bars make for one exceptional track. While the original track was beastly in the fullest sense, Divided Souls Entertainment and DJ Pain 1's take on the track is simply godly. It's a brooding, drawn out track that is a nice parallel to the first rendition. "Land of the Crooks" is but one of the ten heaters on the upcoming release from Coalmine RecordsRemineded: A Collection of New & Old Remixes is set to drop on January 20th, so circle the date and pick it up when it drops.  

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/177559345"]



Sean Price

"Land of the Crooks" (feat. Billy Danze & Maffew Ragazino

  • Coalmine Records
  • January 5th, 2015


Hip-Hop · Rap


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6 years ago

this shit crazy just waht the culture needed