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(Z) provides the perfect soundtrack to bring in the New Year with "Tonight Is Tomorrow"

(Z) is a talent to be watched for in 2015. Plain and simple. Sometimes, even in an overly-saturated music market, cream rises - and it rises in the most traditional way, no matter the roadblocks. The music is heard and fans accrue, coming from all corners of the globe for a product that's worth their while. (Z) has an incredible team behind him, first and foremost Roseville Music Group. Headed by GRAMMY nominated multi-platinum music producer !llmind (alongside partners Atlas Gonzalez, Shawn Johnson, and Jonathan Master) the signer/songwriter/emcee has worked in harmony with this tandem to develop a solid foundation, both image-wise and sonically.

"Tonight Is Tomorrow" follows the release of "Good Thang" and is a futuristic dance anthem that pushes you into the moment and calls for you to follow your heart before it's too late. Because the future is right now, "Tonight Is Tomorrow" supports that rally cry with an upbeat/uplifting (a true strong suit of his) beat. Overall production was done by Benny Reiner.

Alongside !llmind & fellow collaborator Father Dude, the three also make up the indie/pop/electronic group The Dance (http://www.welcometothedance.com).

The trio has been together since earlier this year - don't hesitate to check out some of their content in this post as well.

Dance · Electronic · Indie


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