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Top 30 Producers to Watch in 2015

This past year has seen the rise of incredible talent, so a few writers here at EARMILK have compiled a list of 30 producers, in no definitive order, to keep on your radar in 2015. 



Bronze Whale has been accruing their faithful followers over the past couple of years, but we've got a feeling that 2015 is going to be their breakout year. They're about to show up on everyone's radar due in part to their creative momentum and partly because of their recent signing with WME. We've been in love with Bronze Whale since they first crossed our path and we are expecting fabulous new electronic sounds to come out of the duo in the new year.



If you have been paying attention to rising talent on soundcloud, or the rise of LA’s Soulection collective, you have probably heard of Sam Gellaitry. The 17-year old UK based producer has made a huge mark on the internet music scene this year due to his highly polished sound, technical skill, and ability to sample just about any genre make it completely his own. His undeniable talent even caught the attention of the revered Soulection crew, who inaugurated Sam into their ranks earlier this year (alongside Mr. Carmack, Esta, & Sango). His debut EP Short Stories is set to be released early 2015!  



Penthouse Penthouse is a collaborative project by Team Supreme members Preston James and Mike Parvizi (also known as Papi), and who happen to be one of the standout acts on the roster. Back in September, the duo released their ultra smooth Besides EP, a project that successfully combined elements from R&B, jazz, and downtempo bass music in order to create a soulful blend of electronic music that deviates from the typical EDM trap-affair popular in the scene today. Both Preston and Papi are classically trained musicians who perform their sets with a mix of live and electronic instrumentation in a band format, making for a much more engaging experience. Make sure to check them out on tour in your city!



GXNXVS (pronounced Genius) has remixed his way right into our hearts this year and has hopped on a number of impressive collaborations as well as his own original tracks this year. His recent collab with Cviro on "Benjamins" has been getting an exceptional amount of support to get GXNXVS enough speed to carry him comfortably into the new year.



Oh Wonder is a British duo with an amazing project that started late last year. Their first release “Body Gold” was an incredible tune that amassed tons of well-deserved attention and fans. Based mainly on delicate vocals and beats, this is perfect for indie lovers with the added benefit of something to look forward to every month.





Ten Walls is an Innervisions artist with an incredibly unique aesthetic to bring to house fans. With massive tracks like “Gotham” and “Walking With Elephants”, he’s one to keep an ear out for. His dark and industrial sounds make him a keen choice for someone wanting darker, abysmal vibes.




I don’t know what Nick Wisdom did in the studio this year, but whatever it is, he needs to keep doing it. Employing a series of different elements, taking on a mixture of deep house, hip-hop, trap, smooth jazz, and sex, this Canadian beat-monger is not one to miss for 2015. Punchy snares, big low ends, and voluptuous leads, there isn’t anything you can’t get from this dude.  







j.viewz (aka Jonathan Dagan) has been brewing up a storm working on his upcoming project The DNA Project. Dagan set out with the intentions to create a full length project that incorporates the listener in an organic way. Based on the teasers and singles released ahead of the album, he is doing an excellent job so far. If "We Moved" was any indicator of what to expect from the rest of The DNA Project, I think that we can count on seeing great things from this guy in 2015.






New York based producer BAILE has released a handful of remixes alongside a handful of originals in 2014 that have placed him on our to-be-watched list in 2015. BAILE throws down an eclectic mix of electronic, trap, and downtempo beats  that have us swooning over everything he drops. His productions are delicious trip that you shouldn't miss out on.






With every new release, Oakland native and now Los Angeles transplant Michael Graham (better known as Falcons) proves why he is one of the best up-and-coming artist to arise out of the SoCal electronic scene. In this last year he has provided us with a steady flow of most robust remixes and singles that have been featured in mixes by the like of Diplo, Ryan Hemsworth, RL Grime, Djemba Djemba and more. He has also formed a supergroup with fellow rising artists Kittens, Promnite, and Hoodboi called  Athletixx, which is becoming a movement in itself. Sky is the limit for this producer, and 2015 is going to be his year.






Misogi is a 15-year-old from Dubai who demonstrates production maturity beyond his years. His debut EP Occult came out a few months ago, and it presents such an enchanting sound, tinged by dark melancholy. The ambience and atmosphere he is able to conceive is rather transcendent. Misogi is looking at a bright future, poised for greatness.





Cavalier is another young talent to catch our attention. He’s put out standout remixes of Bobby Shmurda x Big Sean in “IDFWU,” and Kanye’s “Bound 2,” and if you’re craving more, he has plenty more rap x trap remixes worth bumping. However, the 17-year-old is capable of much more than remixes, showcasing his prowess with his debut EP Pieta. Cavalier is a name you’ll only be hearing more and more about in the coming year.




AGLORY is relatively unknown outside of the French music scene, but this duo is bound to get the recognition they deserve. For those who like it dark, heavy, and a little bit freaky, these are your guys. AGLORY has put out killer remixes of Die Antwoord, A$AP Rocky x Gesaffelstein, and, my personal favorite, Tiga’s “Bugatti.” They’re constantly pushing out remixes, so get your bass fix here.



SAINT PEPSI is a trendy up and comer who's had premieres on both VOGUE and Buzzfeed. Eclectic is an understatement, he’s always changing up his style and bringing his fans something contemporary and interesting. With standouts like “Celebrate Me” and “Fiona Coyne”, he’s on his way to the top.




In 2014 we were graced with the creation of a wicked new label/collective called Flow-Fi. This collective is on the cutting edge in all their eclectic lo-fi future beats laced with frenetic percussion, booming promise for the coming year. One artist from that collective, Sh?m definitely needs to be on your radar for the coming year. His beats are experimental, grimy, euphoric, trappy and so delicately constructed. We’ve had this London producer on repeat for a while now and think you should too.






If you haven't heard of aywy (Flow-Fi co-founder) yet, you need to stop everything you're doing and tune into his catalog of productions in preparation for the great things he is going to undoubtedly do in 2015. The Aussie has his finger firmly planted on the pulse of the sound of the future and we've got a feeling that you can count on continuing to be impressed by his productions for a long time.







Canada is breeding some of the finest and freshest talent, and Rook Milo is the first name that comes to mind. His remixes of Drake, Travi$ Scott, and Rich Boy have superseded the originals, but his debut EP MMVIII is what I can’t stop raving about. His ethereal, spaced-out production is slightly haunting, slightly salacious, and accomplished with a finesse few can match.




Gryffin has had one hell of a year in 2014, but we've got a feeling that 2015 will be even bigger for this producer. As one half of the White Panda duo, Gryffin officially stepped out this year in an attempt to get his own music heard too. He has racked up a slew of impressive remixes that have been well received by new and old fans. We can't wait to see what he has in store next.






It has surely been a great year for Manchester’s rising electronic star Oceaán. The producer’s unique blend of texturized UK garage and R&B has been captivating music writers and fans alike all year, with many people drawing comparisons with veterans such as James Blake and Jai Paul. Although it is obvious where Oceaán draws his influence from, he still manages to be distinct listening experience all together. This is exemplified by his 2014 EP The Grip, which is rated as one of my favorite projects this year due to it’s forward thinking melodies and soulful vocal arrangements.





Andru is an exciting producer to emerge this year, and is proving to be an unstoppable force. Not only has he released over 20 tracks in the course of a year (remixes of everything from Adventure Club to Destiny’s Child to Dawn Golden), but he keeps getting better. Andru is a mix between electronic trap and pop, providing jams to both chill and turn up to. Blurring his face in his photos, and not relying on PR or labels, he’s been a prime example of “the music speaks for itself.” Andru’s debut Bells EP came out a while ago, and is worth revisiting until the next one rolls out—the drum game and bass will just make you stoopid.



Every once in a while, we all like to turn up the bass, sit back, and try to feel a little bit like a badass. The optimal soundtrack for these occasions? Well, scroll through OZZIE’s discography, pick just about anything, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Definitely earning his spot on this list giving trap a killer new flair (check “Smokin & Drinkin”), turn it up, drop a Jolly Rancher in that Styrofoam cup, and drink up – we know it’s not soda in there.






Mura Masa is an “18 year old beat slayer heart breaker”; we can confirm the latter indefinitely, but the former is up in the air. Some notable tracks that you may have heard include Billie Black’s “This Simple Pleasure”, and “I’ll Be Alright (Tonight). It’s impressive how much of a name he’s made for himself, especially considering his age.





For those who borderline idolize Jai Paul and Ben Khan, Poter Elvinger is your next UK obsession. When I first heard “Ghosts,” I knew I discovered rare magic (and this was confirmed by his remix of Illangelo’s “Clockwork”). He is the stylish intersection between dark, electronic pop and hip-hop beats, which results in something remarkably cinematic and beautifully moody. The mysterious producer only has a handful of releases, but each is worthwhile. If that doesn’t convince you of his talent, you need to check out “PURE”, a short film he scored for Last Night in Paris, the art collective which he is a part of.


Daktyl is an English producer/multi-instrumentalist who was recently picked up by Diplo’s Mad Decent record label, but has been getting a lot of attention on Soundcloud throughout this last year due to his excellent output of future-bass jams and fine tuned remixes (such his heavy rework of Flosstradamus’ “Rebound”). Now apart of one of the biggest platforms in electronic music, the young producer is getting ready for the release of his Mad Decent debut LP in 2015 and judging by the lead single “Stay” it is going to be one to keep an eye out for.



ALESIA is a Parisian duo whose ANDREA EP popped off last year on OWSLA’s label. Not one for subtleness, ther tracks are the epitome of hype and energy. Featuring a plethora of interesting sounds and quirks, they're absolutely a go-to for any rager.



Fwdslxsh is yet another talent to arise from the UK. He is a part of HW&W’s noble roster, as well as a member of the upcoming art collective, Last Night In Paris. The name may sound familiar from his song with Tajan, “Beautiful,” via Soulection or his remix of Snakehips’ “Day With You,” but he really blew me away with his debut EP The Fall. Fwdslxsh paints these lush, dreamy soundscapes that take your mind to a better place.


Tennyson is an adorable Canadian duo who put out music that is as cute as it is emotional. An instant favorite for anyone who likes some Ryan Hemsworth vibes in their life, with an added bit of delightful, charming beats.



Future bass is now a thing of the present, and it is a genre truly coming into its own. There are also a clear, core group of producers pioneering it, and it’s definitely safe to say Hayden James is a member. With beats that make you want to dance (try “Something About You”), to tracks that bring out your deepest, darkest feels (throw on his “Emmanuel” remix), this guy is not one to sleep on.






 French producer Phazz throws down innovative and grimey productions like he has a bottomless pit of creative inspiration to draw from. In the past few months, he has managed to collaborate with several creative entities that are only allowing him even more exposure. He has wrapped up a small European tour just in time to head back into the studio to drop even more magic on us in 2015.







Australia has been absolutely murdering the electronic music game recently. Seriously: anything good coming from down under rocks a straight ten out in The States. You’ve already heard of Flume and Emoh Instead probably, but if you haven’t gotten on the Chiefs grind yet, it’s about damn time. With a phenomenal 2014 in the future bass/sex sounds game, gear up with this Aussie ASAP for a solid 2015.




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