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Losco treats us to zingy 'CANDY' EP

When it comes to dirty, subterranean bass and turning the fuck up, Losco has remained at the top of my list. Losco is a Belgian gang of four, who turned heads with their bangin XXXX EP, about a year ago. Rather than trying to explain what genre(s) they might fit under, or stamp them as "future" whatever, I think it says more to submit that their music is just "certifiably badass." This past year, the boys released an EP via Soulection's White Label, and favorites like, "Bae Bae," a remix of T-Pain's "Drankin," and "Drop." To wrap up the year, they dropped off an early Christmas gift: CANDY EP.

CANDY starts off with "Jelly," something to bounce low to and get us steady mobbin. "Crush" brings forth a dark twist with eerily warped vocals, sure to slap a grimace on your face. Then, we have the attack, "Sir Up," where you'll be reveling in these impeccable vocal chops and punches of sub. "Enough" wonderfully closes the project on a melodic, upbeat note.

This EP is more evidence that Losco tackles samples and bass with a finesse that few can match. Pick up CANDY here.


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Future Beat · Trap


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