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Ghostly and Adult Swim present 'Ghostly Swim 2' Compilation [Download]

Ghostly and Adult Swim have come together yet again to present their second compilation together, Ghostly Swim 2. Featuring tracks from label favorites like Shigeto, CFCF, Nautiluss, and Patricia, the release is perfect for all of us sitting at home with the fireplace burning, eggnog properly liquored, and with that extra bit of time we don't normally have finally available to us. 

We've included a couple of tracks below for stream, but make sure to snag the entire compilation on Adult Swim's website to get the full experience. Mellow, dramatic, and cinematic, the songs are a great chance to catch up to speed with some of Ghostly's amazing roster, and this is not one to miss. 




Ghostly Swim 2

  • Ghostly
  • December 23, 2014


Ambient · Experimental


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