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PBDY brings it home with a new mix titled "Never Returns: Part 1" [Exclusive Mix]

Brainfeeder DJ/Producer Paul Preston, better known as PBDY, has just spent the six weeks touring the nation with Flying Lotus & Thundercat on the prolific You're Dead! Tour in promotion of FlyLo's massive 2014 record You're Dead!. This was the DJs first major tour so in order to celebrate it's completion, PBDY has decided to put together a compelling mix of tunes for the fans. 

"This was the first thing i made once i got back from touring with Lotus & Thundercat. It's just a mix of some shit i was playing out on the road & some newer things i've been listening to. Wanted to make a sorta landscape of sounds, and let it continue on. So this is Part 1 of a 2 part mix. The 2nd will be out sometime in January. It felt weird being home after being gone so long, so this was my escape back to the bus." - PBDY


1. Grouper - "Come Softly"
2. Mosca - "Sunshine"
3. Paternoster - "Stop These Lines"
4. Madlib - "Public Disservice Announcement"
5. Clark - "Ship is Flooding"
6. Cock & Swan - "What Was Life?"
7. Flying Lotus - "Coronus, the Terminator"
8. Jim Jones - "Intro (Instrumental)"
9. Earl Frost - "Vibrate Highah"
10. DJCHAP - "U Don't No"
11. FKA Twigs - "Numbers"
12. The Weeknd - "King Of The Fall (Bames Edit)"
13. Addison Groove - "U Been Gone (Feat. DJ Rashad)"
14. Promnite - "Reset"
15. Norfik - "Hell Is Real"
16. Sun People - "You Got Me (Ticklish Remix)"
17. Alessi Brothers - "Do You Feel It?"
18. Lapalux - "Make Money"
19. Arca - "Sad Bitch"
20. P. Morris - "Beloved"
21. OZZIE - "Gangsta"
22. OG Maco - "Gang"
23. Les Sins - "Talk About"
24. Ratchett Traxxx - "Nut On U"
25. Thom Yorke - "There Is No Ice (For My Drink)"
26. Botaz - "Un amor como la lluvia"
27. Miguel Baptista Benedict - "project 1"
28. Daedelus - "Tsars and Hussars"
29. Lowbo - "Cocaine"
30. Kingdom - "Hood By Air Theme"
31. Pusha T - "Lunch Money"
32. Black Milk - "Everyday Was (Feat. Mel)"
33. Kode9 - "Pink Sham Pain Down the Drain"
34. Mr. Oizo - "Bear Biscuit"
35. DJ Dodger Stadium - "The Bottom Is As Low As You Can Go"
36. Grouper - "Call Across Rooms"


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