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Download Midland's extended dance remix of Boards of Canada's "Olson"

Boards of Canada's classic LP Music Has the Right to Children is perfect and untouchable, so a remix of one of it's tracks is an audacious move.  The album's pastoral trip-hop and unsettled ambience are still an obvious influence on countless producers almost 20 years later.  Though the duo has been oddly mashed up with rappers a few times lately, they're hardly ever remixed, and let's face it, that's the way it should be.

That's what makes Midland's newly available remix of serene MHTRTC highlight "Olson" so incredible.  The London-based producer fearlessly takes on the daunting task and succeeds, turning the original's fleeting bliss into a nearly seven-minute dance track, that gorgeous melody finally something you can hold onto for a little while before it fades away.  If you follow Midland closely, you might have heard the remix in his FACT mix a few years back, but understandably fans wanted this as a standalone track, and he finally caved.  Listen and download below.



Boards of Canada

Olson (Midland Re-Edit)


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