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Ben Buitendijk weaves together texture and breadth on 'Magnitude' EP

I've never had a conversation with Dutch producer Ben Buitendijk, but something tells me he is a deep and thoughtful kind of gent. After listening to "Promised Land" sometime in the new year, I immediately felt drawn to his music. The dubby floater gave me an exceptionally good feeling that I couldn't let go of, and that's a sensation one should never take for granted. Since then, I've heard his tracks featured on various podcasts, and he's even landed releases for Field Records and Kering. Now closing out the year, Buitendijk comes forth with another EP - Magnitude - for new label, OGUN Records, headed by Roger Gerressen.


The EP touches base on the soft, the ambient, the deep, the dark, and definitely favors the label's "dancefloor ready" focus. Much like the title suggests, the level of magnitude on the EP is vast. From beginning to end, each track journey's through changing moods that definitely aim deeper as the record keeps spinning. Starting velvety is "First Magnitude" which sees Buitendijk flexing his pad abilities with lifting atmospherics to accompany. "Second Magnitude" along with "Third Magnitude" mean prime time business to get people rolling. Sunken tones take over now, and the setting turns from cloudy to dark and heavy; a really well-produced design in sound to say the least.


Take a listen for yourself and be sure to grab your 12-inch copy of Magnitude.




Ben Buitendijk

Magnitude EP

  • OGUN Records
  • 15 Dec 2014



Electronic · Techno


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