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Habstrakt & Phazz join forces to weave dazzling "Silk"

Phazz is just wrapping up his fall tour in Europe, and looking back, he has had a really big year. The French producer always brings an irresistible, sensual touch to his music, and has become a favorite name in the midst of this "future bass" wave. 

Habstrakt recently released a massive remix of Skrillex's "Dirty Vibe." He is another French producer who's made a name for himself, but in the dubstep scene, more or less. Call him a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, producer or sound engineer, this crazy man is nothing short of talent.

Now, the two Adams (Phazz and Habstrakt) have joined forces to produce a whirlwind of activity with "Silk," released via Cosmonostro. Despite their varied styles, they managed to seamlessly and brilliantly mingle all their influences. Get a load of these glitchy, funky synths! This is a track you don't skip through or pause, for they have carefully crafted compelling leads and drops, laced with claps, plops, and warped vocal chops. 


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  • @habstrakt thanks faaaam ♡

    Avatar PHAZZ December 18, 2014 5:15 PM Reply
  • Hayley 18 August, 20b32n1sp; &:35 pm Reading that felt so refreshing for me. Not sure why. I love all your posts!! You look great by the way. Think I found your blog through twitter- also very funny to follow. I'm thankful that there are people like you in the world (wide web). x

    Avatar Egypt March 8, 2017 12:00 PM Reply

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