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Get a first listen to Ramiro Lopez's "Hectic Show" from his next Suara EP [Premiere]

At the core of one of our favorite deep house and techno labels, Suara, is Spanish DJ and producer Ramiro Lopez. An artists whose music frequent the Barcelona-based imprint's releases, Lopez has been gearing up for yet another one aptly titled Cathexis EP, due out on December 29th. Featuring three tracks done in the style of their home country's deep and underground-leaning house, "Hectic Show" stands out as being the best on the release. A mesmerizing atmospheric track, "Hectic Show" features haunting disco sampled spoken vocals surrounded by a cinematic performance from serious percussion. Check it out below.


  1. Redone (Original Mix)
  2. Phill (Original Mix)
  3. Hectic Show (Original Mix)

-3 13-12-26Connect with Ramiro Lopez:

Dance · Techno


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