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P. Morris breaks the mold on "Taxi Girl"

LA based producer P. Morris -formerly of Philly- defines that elusive trap sub-genre goombawave, which consists of short n' spacey chillwave influenced breakdowns and the 808 bass lines and crisp snares found in trap music. His latest work "Taxi Girl/Untitled" is oh so slow with muted sounds and distorted, sultry vocals, but the past year has a seen a huge increase of varying diversions of "the trap takeover" in electronic music.

On the dual track release Morris said, "This is a two-piece composition that I put together in a raw, truncated form. The first half was inspired by summer and the second reminds me exactly why fall is my season."  

The goombawave pioneer has an understated, dreamy and synth layered style to all of his work, but the more recent hype that surrounds him is anything but subtle. He's already worked with Feist and LE1F and enlisted hollywood celebs the visibility of media whirlwind Lindsay Lohan to perform in his music videos. But all of that can sometimes come with breaking the mold. 

Chillwave · Experimental · Trap


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