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Paris Jones wants to hear you say "You Like Me" [Premiere]

Paris Jones is a California-based artist that isn't afraid to take sounds to the next level. While citing Tupac as his biggest influence, his music is substantially more experimental, taking everything from 8-bit synths to crooning, manipulated, vocals and bringing them all into a cohesive whole. 

Today we've got the pleasure of releasing "You Like Me," a soft piece that follows in the traditions of love, and Jones absolutely kills it with the vocals. It's strange, eclectic, and yet frighteningly addictive. The young artist has been busy as of late, with a monthly release with DJ Booth, as well as one off tracks such as this one, and an album in the works for late January. 

Make sure to check this track out below, and this is also available for free downloads as well. 


You Like Me (Small)

Paris Jones

You Like Me

  • December 15, 2014


Exclusive · Hip-Hop · R&B


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