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Tone Den exclusively offers free lifetime artist profiles through EARMILK until January 1st, 2015

For those of you not already up to speed with the newest and most efficient website dedicated to the artist to audience process, Tone Den is giving away free lifetime memberships exclusively through EARMILK until January 1st, 2015 (yes....free....lifetime....memberships). There are a few services out there offering "Follow to Download" functionality but not like Tone Den. You can load multiple downloadable tracks into your profile's player and also require several Soundcloud pages be followed (with only one click) before downloading a track.

The "Follow to Download" functions of Tone Den are just the beginning. The profiles also offer a press kit area, a social feed section, and a detailed statistics feature...all...for free, well at least through us here at Earmilk. The design and layout are sleek and user-friendly. Over 30,000 artists have already signed up for the service and pages for "fan" type profiles will be opening up soon. We see Tone Den becoming exponentially popular in the coming years. It's non-dependency on any one particular music sharing service also provides an extra sense of security for its users.

Noteworthy artists and labels that have been utilizing the service include Jordy DazzBuygore, and more! You can learn more about how to set it up by watching this video.

To obtain your upgrade, sign up with your SoundCloud account through this hyperlink and you'll instantly receive your lifetime discount.



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