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Eelke Kleijn believes we share a "Universal Soul" in new Toolroom track [Premiere]

In the world of music, there are producers and composers, and they are usually mutually exclusive. However, a newer artist out of the Netherlands, Eelke Kleijn, is both an amazing deep house and tech house producer as well as a composer scoring Hollywood movie trailers. His musicality clearly stands out in tracks like "Mistakes I've Made", which features lush guitar melodies and stirring vocals, his recent, suave remix of Benny Benassi and John Legend's "Dance The Pain Away", and next week's house track, “Universal Soul.”

From the very beginning, you can tell that this is from a producer who is used to composing on cinematic levels. The depth and layering of the track is absolutely superb, with a buildup that takes you on a journey that can only be achieved after months of tweaking. Eelke Kleijn says:

“This is a track I roadtested a couple of times and it got a big reaction from the very first time I played it. Every time I went back into the studio and edited some parts of it. If you go  back to some of my earlier sets you’ll notice the difference! The strings in this final version were the latest addition and the way it sounds now is huge for me.”

We have to agree that you won't want to miss this final production, which drops this Monday, December 15th, on Toolroom Trax.



universal soul

Eelke Kleijn

Universal Soul

  • Toolroom Trax
  • 12/12/14


Dance · Deep House · Exclusive · Tech House


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Toolroom Trax
6 years ago

@eelkekleijn Thanks for the support guys. Have a great weekend!

Toolroom Trax
6 years ago

@eelkekleijn Thanks for the support guys. Have a great weekend!