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Coleman Hell releases new EP 'Vena'

New EP Vena from Toronto based artist Coleman Hell is like a good dose of disco-funk heaven and it's about to make a splash online, however this isn't the first big wave he's made online before.  A track that he produced with friend and collaborator La+ch shot to #1 on Hype Machine and was streamed 4.5 million times on Spotify. And he did all of that using a purely DIY aesthetic, producing it in his sideways studio. Released just two days ago Vena is available for purchase on iTunes and will be followed by a full-length LP scheduled for 2015. 

The first track on the EP "Venezuela" is as hot as it's namesake and was a new vibe for the MC and producer. Instead of verses, he delivers a cool falsetto over a disco beat that brings us to a modernized version of the 70's. 

"Heat Of The Night" is also vocal heavy and has a light-hearted approach that brings your fingertips down to his waist as you dance with someone special. The clap-heavy beat takes us through the sweltering night to our perfect match. 

Third track "Fortress" again delivers that falsetto that seems to be prominent in the EP as Hell croons his desire to get in. It's yet another ode to love in the sticky, hot summer nights that we can just feel throughout. 

"All The Monsters" is a bit heavier with an epic drop that opposes the falsetto vocals -in the best way possible. It's the shortest track on the EP but it'd make anyone move like that

Standout track on the EP is surely "Red Rover (feat. La+ch)" and our personal favorite. In this one, all of the experimentations on the "Vena" EP come together in an ultimately surprising way. The falsetto vocals, the disco beats and those claps definitely didn't let us down for a second -and we even got some brass action. 



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