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Akouo turns in a sexy remix of Kilter's "Coward" Featuring Ngaiire

Today's TGIF track comes to us from the land down unda courtesy of producer Akouo and etcetc records. Taking on remix duties for fellow Aussie and  Sydney-based producer Kilter. Tackling his staple, live show single "Coward," the remix is anything but cowardly and rightfully so when taking on remix duties of an already popular track. Featuring the powerful and soulfully soaked vocals of of Ngaiire, Akouo gives the single a futuristic makeover honing in on drum progressions and sexy synth chords, ultimately turning up the vibe and beat, making this one the perfect single for night club once again. Although this is perfect easy listening music for you to enjoy. Take your pick, either way you're gonna wanna turn this one up and jam out in proper and sexy fashion. 

kilter coward ak remix artwork


"Coward" Ft Ngaiire (Akouo Remix)

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  • 12-12-2014





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