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Sugur Shane and Astronomar "Take It" to where you'd never expect it

Hot off the presses, a fresh original from Main Course co-founder, Astronomar, and one of Philadelphia's longest standing queer musician, Sugur Shane, is revisiting classic vogue themes while playing up some unconventional lyrical content. Of course, unconventional and groundbreaking have been the pair's primary sources of inspiration from day one. Astronomar's label is crushing the world of underground club tunes, and Shane's inspiration from classic ballroom and vogue house make for a rather perfect combination. The two are a team made in strange music heaven and we couldn't be happier.

Their latest project, "Take It", plays up all the right elements of underground house music. Soft yet deliberate percussion, rinsey top ends, and questionably amorous vocals will change the way you accept seemingly hollow yet fundamentally hallowed additions to the excessively underground roster of viable comparisons, most notably Shane's Kill Da Bitch EP and Astronomar's Mutant Club EP. We definitely see and hope for the possibility of more from the pair early next year.

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