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Matt Lange's two tracks on new EP 'There She Goes' are incredibly moving [Download]

Matt Lange is a New York based musician who has been releasing an onslaught of original productions and mixes to his Soundcloud supporters. The talented technique behind some of his work is entirely authentic and his new EP, There She Goes is proof that he is capable of holding the spotlight on himself. You can grab a free download of the entire EP today from Matt's website

"There She Goes" is the EP opener and immediately sets the perfect tone for this entire work. It's melodically different as it balances between a mix of old and new in a techno tone. The high intensity pace of the darkish beat sounds oddly compatible with the gentle guitar that is layered overtop the entire track and occasionally makes dominant breakthroughs. 

The song "Falling Into Place" is nothing short of a spectral display of oscillating synths and eerie vocals. It takes form gradually as it moves from an ambient accumulation of sound until finally diving into a more melodic break down. The washed out and spooky vocals are easily what make "Falling Into Place" so captivating.    

There She Goes Matt Lange EP

Matt Lange

There She Goes EP

  • IsoRythm
  • Dec. 10, 2014


Deep House · Tech House


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