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You need to listen to Teen Daze remix SPELLES' "Bird In A Cage" [Premiere]

Spoiling us with the release of "Bird In A Cage" and "Out of the Canyon" back in late October and mid November of this year, SPELLES' haunting vocals and emotional soundscapes have since been ringing in our ears.

Acting as the creative moniker of LA-based musician Kathryn Baar, SPELLES, in collaboration with producer Bill Lefler, recorded and released just a handful of songs to date, including the two mentioned. Today, SPELLES' "Bird In A Cage" sees a new tonal reality in the form of a Teen Daze remix.

The track, once rather rock/folk-oriented and anthemic, is made spacier, with breathy, minimal electronic additives. The layered synth is tastefully done, and provides a newly established atmosphere for "Bird In A Cage", where Baar's vocals still shimmer in the very spotlight that was established in the original.

The song in its entirety radiates a blissful, carefree thematic vibe that in turn proves to be both a pleasurable and relaxing listening experience. From here on out, it's just a matter of waiting to hear what comes next. 

Ambient · Chillwave · Electronic · Indie · Rock


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