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Shlohmo gets a little dirty with "Emerge From Smoke"

Shlohmo is a name that you've probably come across while you are wading through the ocean of producers. There are a countless number of them out there, but what makes Henry Laufer standout is his forward thinking style. His beats are experimental and foreign to those who have not had the time to acquire such taste, which is why some people are turned off.  His newly released single, "Emerge From Smoke," is more than enough to subdue any dubious listeners however. 

This track starts off with slow sweeping, lo-fi synths which are shortly greeted with saturated bass. As you may have been waiting in anticipation, a lonesome snare counts down for the rest of the percussion to join in the melee of layers and textures interwoven with one another. Stream below to get a glimpse of what is to come from Shlohmo's upcoming album in 2015 via Wedidit.   

Beat tape · Experimental


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