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San Fermin announces sophomore album, gets dark and electronic on "Parasites"

Hot off the heals of an international tour supporting their self-titled debut album,  San Fermin are back with "Parasites," a new song from their forthcoming sophomore effort Jackrabbit, out on Downtown Records April 21, 2015.  The  electronic elements of the song mark somewhat of a departure for the band, whose debut included soaring pop songs like "Sonsick," and a mix of piano-  and orchestral-backed baroque ballads led by vocalists Allen Tate and Lucius leaders Jess Wolfe and Holly Laesig.  "Parasites" still holds onto San Fermin's signature mix of manic instrumentation, dramatic lyrics and powerful vocals.

A slow electronic beat leads to female vocals by Charlene Kaye (who has taken over for Lucius) that play a role in conversation with Tate's character.  Tate's baritone and Kaye's soprano harmonize before brass and drum drama washes out the conversation and brings the track to the next verse.  Kaye raises the bar with a near angelic interlude, then the song explodes with sound in a grand finale: horns comes in and out, percussions swing through with banging drums and stirring violin riffs, with the initial electronic beat remaining in the back.  

With this kind of opening salvo, we can't wait to hear what else San Fermin has in store on Jackrabbit.


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San Fermin


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