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Yoon sets a far off "Destination" in forthcoming EP [Premiere]

Nostalgia strikes when listening to this track, which may come as a surprise considering that it is the work of the Romanian duo, Yoon, who formed just a few years ago. Made up of Victor and Ionut, the pair combines electronic production and vocal performance into one package for their forthcoming Boundaries EP. Out on Junkdog Records January 19th, the release will be Yoon's second work on the imprint, a relationship that started after the artists took a chance and sent a demo to the London label, and spans three originals and one remix.

Of the four, we have their track "Destination" for you here today. It's an introspective experiment in electronica that looks back to the late 90s through grungy rock vocals recalling the heydays of bands like Foo Fighters. Flitting melodies that play off electric guitar and bass guitar lines also add to the rock feel of the track, backed up by minimal percussion and spacey synth pulses. 

Pre-order Yoon's Boundaries on January 19th via Junkdog.






  • Junkdog Records
  • 2014-12-15


Electronic · Electronica · Exclusive


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