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Surf Rock Is Dead gets vertical on "Equinox" [Premiere]

Summer is definitely over, but we still get some of those vibes on "Equinox," by Brooklyn-based duo Surf Rock Is Dead. Comprised of Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg, the project is still very new, but both members have strong musical backgrounds and have been playing music professionally since adolescence. 

Pariso explained it as, "'Equinox' just fell together, I played guitar while Joel played bass, we turned on a simple beat, swapped instruments, and kind of wrote each other's parts. We swapped back, refined the parts a bit, threw some vocals on top and that was it.”

On "Equinox" we hear that surfy vibe that their band name plays to, but they've really dug their heels into rock and kicked up some grit in their new home within the concrete jungle. A combination of sun and shadow, I see it as perhaps surf rock isn't dead as much as that the tilt of its axis is being re-arranged. 

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