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Our turbofunk picks from Body Heat's 'Autumn/Winter Sampler' [Premiere]

A full six months or more have passed since Body Heat last graced our pages, and now we find ourselves in December with their Autumn/Winter Sampler. Hailing from Milan, Italy, the collective has amassed some of the funkiest artists under their moniker, ranging from acts like The Couch Potatoes to one of the founders himself, Rocoe. This time we again meet four stellar tracks that demonstrate Body Heat's breadth of sound: Msystem's "Racket", Dirty Cleenex with "Shake It Down",  The Jhonny Fresh Experience and "Mild Davis, Wild Davis", then The Couch Potatoes' "Hole You Can Eat".

Though it's a tough choice, we had to pick our favorite two from the bunch and ended up with the first tracks, "Racket" and "Shake It Down". Both sliding toward the label's signature turbofunk sound, Msystem goes full force futuristic with his work by sending a barrage of laser-fueled synths across "Racket", mixed together with classic 70s snippets. Dirty Cleenex gets a bit funkier on "Shake It Down" with drops that fall into rough, shifting melodies and interspersed ticks that twangs that call back to the disco era.

You won't need a special someone to cuddle up to this season. Just press play on Body Heat's Autumn/Winter Sampler for all the warmth you'll want.


body heat autumn winter

Body Heat

Autumn/Winter Sampler

  • Body Heat
  • 2014-12-08


Dance · Electro House · Exclusive


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