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Cookin' Soul's new remix prove that they are "Naturally Born"

As far as contemporary hip hop producers go, Cookin' Soul definitely deserves more praise from the masses. I first caught wind of the Spanish producers back in the day through their remix of Nas' "2nd Childhood," my favourite track from Stillmatic; ever since then, I've been addicted to their simple, straightforward direction and stripped down, Sunday afternoon-type sounds. In fact, I'd say that they're one of the most consistent groups out there--if you think otherwise, dedicate an afternoon to combing through their massive discography. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/177559342"]

Breathing new life into the Big Noyd, Large Professor and Kool G Rap hit "Naturally Born," Soul's take on the track is like a whirlwind trip through New York. Cookin' Soul's remix of "Naturally Born" can be found on the upcoming release from Brooklyn's very own Coalmine Records, Remineded: A Collection of New & Old Remixes. With appearances from M-Phazes, Diamond D, and Small Professor, the compilation will be a fantastic way to kick off 2015. 



Big Noyd, Large Professor & Kool G Rap

"Naturally Born" (Cookin' Soul Remix)

  • Coalmine Records
  • January 20th, 2015


Hip-Hop · Rap


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