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J.Cole "Intro"-duces us to his upcoming album '2014 Forest Hills Drive' [Video]

Amidst the leak of his third major label release (2014 Forest Hills Drive, which is due out officially December 9), J. Cole has blessed us with the visuals for the "Intro" track off the album. The video features the Fayetteville rapper cruising on a bicycle as h­­­e effortlessly navigates the green-and-red-accented, traffic-saturated streets of New York City. The green and red tint color gradients that dominate the visual landscape of the video convey a holiday season vibe which aligns perfectly with the sonic warmth that exudes from the track's production. 

While watching the video one can't help but feel connected to the "Crooked Smile" rapper as he roams the streets like any other ordinary citizen of New York. Also, the question Cole poses for the audience ("Do you wanna, do you wanna be, happy") strikes an emotional chord with the listener in a way that I can't put into words and only the listener of the track can really put personal meaning to. Watch the Roc-Nation artist's "Intro" video, as it is a nice change of pace from all of the other commercial-injected rap videos that circulate the blogosphere on a weekly basis.



"Intro" [Video]

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  • 2014-12-05


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