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Holiday Mountain gets out of control on "Motion Sickness" [Video]

I love when I see something that's fun but with a deeper -yet off the wall meaning- behind it. New music video "Motion Sickness" by Austin-based psych-dub trio Holiday Mountain brings us on a trip and oh the colors, those colors! Front woman Laura Patino coo's "You got what I needdd," with her cartoonish pink hair flying in outer space and rounds it out with, "Just out there spinnin..." as she visibly shakes off her motion sickness. 

Patino even said, "The concept behind this was that it would be the first video that makes you trip for free. The song is about being torn between desiring something because you authentically want it for yourself, or do you want it because the society around you has given you a reason to think that it means you've accomplished something?" 

The video makes you want to just dance like a goof and ignore the funny looks.  But clearly if the Wall Street Journal Speakeasy supported the video there is intelligence here, not that we couldn't hear the world influences fused with pop songwriting ourselves. We're out of control on this one, but we think that we like it, 80's trends and comical bow-ties included. 

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