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Digital Lab gets "In Yo Face" with new Vicious Recordings track [Premiere]

It hasn't been too long since we've heard from Jared Matos, better known by his stage name, Digital Lab. Only two weeks ago in fact, the Miami-based producer added another pounding track to his roster of releases in the form of "Wicked", a Dim Mak collaboration with the American artist Ape Drums. This time, however, Matos returns to Vicious Recordings for an all-new solo original, releasing next Monday, December 8th. Aptly titled "In Yo Face", a menacing buzz, like that of a hornet's nest, pervades the track's start, which quickly swarms into a frenzy of building synth slaps and vocal samples. Soon after this, brassy fanfares, a signature of Matos' recent releases, break through the climb and come crashing down in the face of all who listen. All that's left to do is to rinse and repeat.

Digital Lab lives up to his name with this one, measuring out a heavy dose of electro progressive for Vicious Recordings.




Digital Lab

"In Yo Face"

  • Vicious Recordings
  • 2014-12-08


Dance · Electro House · Exclusive


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DigitalLAB || Wicked
6 years ago

@viciousrecs thanks guys!