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Gucci Mane and Raury come together to stack some "Dead People"

Gucci Mane has to have the greatest machine backing him, because his output is the stuff of legends. Even though he has been locked up for over a year, Gucci has released more projects and singles than all of your top five artists...combined. Not only does he flood the streets and the internet with new music, but he still manages to find himself ahead of the curve; at the very least, more current and up-to-date than most free OG's. Proof in point, Gucci has teamed up with Atlanta's newest alternative artists, Raury.  


"Dead Guys" is an unexpected, but welcomed surprise record. Raury and Gucci Mane have an innate chemistry, both stepping up to deliver great performances. Gucci's hook is instantly addictive; "Got a pocket full of dead guys," flows perfectly on the beat. His clever punchlines set Raury up for the game winning home run that is his verse so perfectly. You have never heard Raury spit like this; rapping so fast that he basically mumbles his lines. His voice is a little low, but it is worth working to hear what he is saying. "Your the Man like an Eighth grade Jew," the verse is incredible.

As is "Dead Guys" as a whole. Their collaboration seems so fluid and natural, which makes it almost hard to believe that Gucci is still behind bars. Teaming up with Raury was definitely a reach, but once again Mr. Mane has found a way to set the bar even higher.

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