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Nils Noa activates the "Chemicals" in Sirena's recent hit [Premiere]

Every journey begins with a single step, or a single beat in this case. This journey comes to us from Sirena and Nils Noa: one part spiritual pop as the songstress calls her music, the other now a deep tech house revelation from the Norwegian electronic producer. "Chemicals" released back at the beginning of October from Sirena, and the Stockholm/Barcelona-based artist poured her emotions into a measured ballad that addresses the all too real high we get when giving ourselves over. Nils Noa transforms this triumphant original into a methodic, rhythmic affair, laying down ethereal pulses, shifting melodies, and punctuated drum loops over ever-present basslines. Of course, Sirena's vocals surface throughout the track, a shimmering reminder that we "don't wanna come back down."

Nils Noa's remix comes out December 10th via Universal, 2 Many Freckles, and Svenska Inspelningar. Listen to the premiere here, and we guarantee you'll get lost - no chemicals needed.

nils noa


"Chemicals" (Nils Noa Remix)

  • Universal/2 Many Freckles/Svenska Inspelningar
  • 2014-12-10


Dance · Deep House · Exclusive · Tech House


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